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Jan 30

Brian Wilson Enlists She & Him for New Album



Brian Wilson has enlisted a star-studded supporting cast for his upcoming, eleventh studio album No Pier Pressure. She & Him, who previously covered the Beach Boy’s “God Only Knows” were asked to join Wilson in the studio for a collaborative track on Wilson’s new album.

Read more about She & Him being featured on No Pier Pressure here.

No Pier Pressure Track List

1. “This Beautiful Day”
2. “Runaway Dancer”
3. “What Ever Happened”
4. “On The Island” [featuring She & Him] 
5. “Our Special Love”
6. “The Right Time”
7. “Guess You Had To Be There”
8. “Tell Me Why”
9. “Sail Away”
10. “One Kind Of Love”
11. “Saturday Night”
12. “The Last Song”
13. “Half Moon Bay”

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